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​About coronavirus infection

We pray for the early termination of Yamauchi, the new coronavirus with no signs of subsidence.

At Koryuji Temple, regarding the response to the new coronavirus infection,
We strive to ensure the safety of all the members of the cult and the worshipers, prevent infection, and prevent the spread of infection.

According to the "New Hokkaido Style" advocated by the Governor of Hokkaido,

We are taking the following measures.

Such as:

1.Wearing masks, washing hands

2.Health management of the priests

3.A frequent ventilation

4.Installing the germicidal disinfectant

5.Keeping a safe dintance

6.Proper coughing etiquette.

7.And information of the efforts

May the new coronavirus be stamped out .

We wish we can get back the normal life  as soon as possible.

Until the day we get back the normal life, do every small thing we can do today.

Koryuji Temple

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