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Q: Is there a parking lot?

A: There is a parking space inside the precincts. Otowa Hall and Yanagawa Branch have their own parking lots.

We are sorry but there is no parking lot at the Kamiyunokawa Daruma Daishi Branch.


Q: Can I do Zazen practice at Koryuji Temple?

A: We do not accept those who want to practice Zazen without a reservation. But we hold a regular zazen meeting twice a month at the Yanagawa branch. Neither reservation nor charge is required. 

Q: Can I use a wheelchair?

A: Koryuji is not a barrier-free design because of the Meiji era building, but we prepare wheelchairs to use, and we priests help you to climb a step.


Q: How much is the admission fee?



Q: Do you have a brochure for foreigners?

A:Yes, we have English/Chinese/Korean brochures. If you want, please let us know.


Q: Can I take a picture in each hall?

A: You can take pictures everywhere except in the Ihaido(mortuary hall), where the ancestors of the members are enshrined. 

Q: Can you guide me in English?

A: Sorry, only one priest in Koryuji Temple can speak English. In case of his absence, we can't guide you in English.

We have an English brochure, or English guidance using QR code. And we have a translator, so we can talk to you through it.


Q:Can I use a credit card or electronic money?

A: No. Cash only.


Q: Can I get a Goshuin(a vermilion red stamp)?

A: Yes, you can. But please go to main hall to worship Buddha before getting it.

Goshuin is a traditional document certifying that you have visited a temple or shrine. It is written in Japanese calligraphy and stamped. You can choose either a prepared goshuin certificate, or have it written in a notebook (also available for purchase here).

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