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Missionary Work

The Koryuji missionary section currently consists of seven members and the chief priest. We are engaged in various public relations activities and missionary activities with the aim of becoming a "familiar temple" .

No. 51 (issued January 2019)

Special feature "Let's discuss how the temple should be"

"Let's ask -Questions to the Chief priest-"

No. 52 (issued July 2020)

Special feature "Priest reassignment"

"Hakodate Terakoya"

No. 53 (issued January 2020)

Special feature "about Dharma name"


No. 54 (issued July 2020)

Special feature “Temple and everyone's corona measures”

"Let's do chair zazen at home"

News from Koryuji Temple

We publish the Bulletin "Koryuji-Dayori(News from Koryuji)" for the members  twice a year.(sorry,no English publication.)

We have exhibited following in the past:

"The monasteries of Soto-Zen Buddhism"

"The invitation to the Baika-chanting"

"The picture book of the priests"

"Words of passing away"


Panel exhibition

We are  permanently exhibiting panel displays at Otowa Hall .

The theme of exhibition in this year is “from the past to the future”. The 380-year history of Koryuji Temple is summarized in a chronological table with photographs.(Sorry, Japanese only.)

Admission free.

Please feel free to come to Otowa Hall.

Koryuji Official SNS

Koryuji official Facebook and Instagram are sending out daily information.

Please follow us.

To all worshipers

Only those who come to the precincts building can see

"QR code for special worship information"

Is installed. If you find it

Please enjoy reading it on your smartphone.

Also, read with QR code

"Koryuji Quiz"

Is also available.

If you answer all the questions correctly, you will get a nice (?) prize.

Let's solve 5 questions and answer! !!

You can find the answer by going around each building, so please try it.

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